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Closed Cell

Closed cell spray foam insulation provides the benefits of both insulation and an air barrier creating the ultimate building envelope performance.  Safe, eco-friendly and energy efficient, closed cell spray foam insulation is a breakthrough technology in moisture and thermal management.

Closed cell rigid foam provides more than R-value alone.  It effectively combats air infiltration to reduce energy loss and builds a healthier, energy-saving building envelope.

In addition to being a great air barrier, closed cell spray foam insulation also is a vapor retarder.  Summit Green Solutions installs closed cell spray foam in applications where a vapor barrier is needed such as a roofing membrane in commercial buildings or as insulation in a crawl space under the home.

Closed cell spray foam insulation creates a very effective roofing solution. Installed over the substrate, it creates a monolithic roofing system.  Since there is no metal fasteners holding the foam to the substrate, it eliminates any thermal bridging – improving the energy efficiency of the building. We install commercial grade silicone coating over the closed cell spray foam insulation to protect the foam from the detrimental impact of the sun’s Ultra-Violet radiation.  As long as the silicone coating is maintained, closed cell spray foam insulation provides a long term roofing solution for low slope roofs.

In crawl spaces, closed cell spray foam is either installed in the perimeter walls as part of an encapsulated crawl space – a  clean, insulated sealed crawl system or directly to the crawl ceiling – the subfloor between the floor joists.  In both applications, closed cell spray foam insulates the floor of the home while eliminating the moisture drive from entering the living space of the home.

Closed Cell Spray:

  • Improves Comfort
  • Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Controls Moisture Drive
  • Creates an insulated crawl space
  • Long Term Roofing Solution

Insulating Your Home provides more details on Summit Green Solutions’ approach.

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